• Sacralstim is an invasive and implantable neuromodulatioin medical device which stimulates sacral nerves. It can be implanted subcutaneously by minimal invasive surgeries, and deliver gentleelectric pulses to S3 and S4 sacral nerves thus treating Overactive Bladder, Urinary Retention, Fecal Incontinence, Constipation and other lower urinary tract and pelvic floor disorders.
  • SacralStim provides a long term solution to those patients who failed in traditional therapies. By a single minimal invasive surgery, the patient can enjoy a 7-year disease-free period. SacralStim system adopts the FDA approved sacral nerve stimulation therapy whose effectiveness has been proved clinically.
Implantable Stimulation Electrodes

Implantable Stimulation Electrodes

ScaralStim Features

  • First implantable medical device that utilizes radio frequency domestically.
  • First medical device employs MICS and ISM frequency bands domestically.
  • Transmitting data both in ICC near field and MICS far field, dual band can guarantee a good communication quality.
  • Self-developed ultra-low-power chips, system power as low as nanoamps, battery life exceeds 10 years with original parts.
  • Self-designed high power implant wirelessly recharging system, extending the battery life to 20 years.
  • Adjustable stimulation frequency, amplitude and pulse width, 6-16 options, up to hundreds of stimulation combinations.
  • Self-developed software, user-friendly design.
  • Ultra-thin and ultra-slim, enable the minimal invasive surgeries.
  • There is only InterStim from Medtronic that’s in the market, sold at 200 thousand RMB, not covered by health insurance.
  • To up front the competition, SacralStim’s sale price is set at 100 thousand RMB.
  • ScralStim has a better electrode selectivity than InterStim, and similar functions, it will have a better cost effectiveness.