NuStim is a novel, inductively-powered and -controlled microstimulator for the chronic electrical stimulation. It is small enough (3 mm diameter x 10 mm long) to be implanted percutaneously into a muscle and close to motor axons via a simple insertion tool consisting of a dilator and sheath.

The NuStim microstimulators can be externally controlled to produce a wide range of charge-controlled stimulus intensities that is expected to be sufficient to assure complete recruitment of the motor units in that muscle. Various exercise parameters are prescribed by the doctor and sent from an Android app to the external RF-cushion via BLE communication. In order to receive muscle stimulation, the subject must be sitting on the RF-cushion, thereby positioning the inductive coil in the cushion in correct alignment with the implanted NuStim.  For each stimulus output pulse, the RF-cushion transmits a burst of RF energy for a precisely controlled duration that controls the amount of charge that the NuStim delivers at the end of the RF burstThe NuStim output is charge-balanced, capacitively coupled with a cathodal stimulus phase that has a time-constant of approximately 0.33 ms duration .During each exercise cycle at the selected repetition rate, the pulse intensity ramps up from threshold to the selected intensity step, holds at that level, and then ramps down, followed by a pause between cycles. These cycle parameters will default to our initially recommended values, but will be left adjustable over wide ranges in the first stages of clinical trials. 

In order to provide electrically induced exercise to strengthen the muscles in which they are implanted, an external electronics and software system is provided for clinicians and patients to control and monitor the output and daily usage of NuStim implanted microstimulators .

Research and Development

Patients who suffer from mild to moderate stress incontinence benefit greatly from exercise. This is the basis of Kegel exercises, which are highly effective when done properly and conscientiously. Unfortunately, many patients lack the ability to voluntarily contract these muscles fully and/or are unwilling to do the exercises frequently enough to obtain full benefit. The NuSTIM implant has the advantage of being able to exercise the muscle for the patient with minimal effort and integrated with an app. 

NuSTIM research and development is aimed at overcoming that problems commonly found in electrodes that contain leads. The device itself is a self-contained stimulating electrode that contains a chip for generating electrical stimulation pulses, set pulse signals, and write and store logic. The NuSTIM uses a specially modulated radio frequency coupling system to achieve an external program with the implant wireless communication controller. When the implant receives the radio frequency, it produces a stimulation pulse. The research and development of next generation NuSTIM will be put through clinical trials in the near future.